New Video: “The Evidence For Hamilton Against Slavery”

Marianne Als, who had previously produced two videos about the life of Alexander Hamilton, i.e., HamilStory Part 1: Genius Meets Destiny (2017) and HamilStory Part 2: The Pragmatic Visionary – Foundations for the New Nation (2018), has now released a new documentary video about The Evidence For Hamilton Against Slavery.

This video, which was apparently in the works prior to the publication of “Opening a Door to Their Emancipation”: Alexander Hamilton and Slavery, is based partly on the research presented in our essay but Marianne Als did her own extensive research on the topic and has shared many facts regarding Hamilton and slavery that we had not.

Marianne Als’s artful synthesis of imagery and music makes this documentary video both educational and entertaining.


2 thoughts on “New Video: “The Evidence For Hamilton Against Slavery”

  1. I know from being involved in the Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society, all the hard work put into this video. Marianne Als put long hours into the research, music selection, timing of the changing of pages, and the colors. Thanks to Michael Newton, Ron Chernow, Stephen Knott, Rand Scholet, founder of the AHA Society, and all the AHA Society member who made this possible. He was not an “enslaver”.
    Mary Anne Hamilton
    The great-great-granddaughter-in-law of Alexander Hamilton

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