Brilliant new video: “The Kindness and Humanity of Alexander Hamilton”

Much of the information in this blog (and in all previous Hamilton bios) has been updated, expanded, or even corrected in Michael E. Newton's new book Discovering Hamilton. Please check that book before using or repeating any information you read here on this blog (or that you read in previous Hamilton biographies).

A brilliant new “documentary” has been released by Marianne Als about The Kindness and Humanity of Alexander Hamilton.

Marianne Als had previously released several great videos about Hamilton’s life–HamilStory Part 1 Genius Meets Destiny and HamilStory Part 2 The Pragmatic Visionary–and another one about The Evidence For Hamilton Against Slavery.

Those videos by Marianne Als were superb and I highly recommend them, but this new one about Hamilton’s “kindness and humanity,” a subject that is often overlooked, is a true masterpiece that I cannot recommend highly enough.

© Posted on December 22, 2021, by Michael E. Newton.